Googles April Algorithem Changes Panda3.5 19 April and Penguin 24th April

Google have released an number of different algorithm update this month the following is a brief description of the changes Google have made in April. I did a brief summary for our internal users – and thought it might be useful for the wider internet.

Penguin  24th April

Googles latest update the Penguin update launched on April 24. It was a change to Google’s search results that was designed to remove  pages that have been spamming Google. Spamming in this case is where  people do things like “keyword stuffing”, “hiding text” or “cloaking” that violate Google’s guidelines.

Panda 3.5 19th April

On the 19th an update of the Panda algorithm was launched. Panda is an algorithm designed to promote higher quality pages over  lower quality sites.

Parked Domains Problem April 17th

Google also made a rare admission that it made a mistake – on the 17th April they had a problem that was incorrectly identifying sites as parked domains. A parked domain is one that you own but has no content apart from a holding page.

This is an executive summary of a longer post at search engine land here

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