Hi, I’m Maurice Walshe and I write the Hunting thunder Blog to highlight areas of technology that interest me. I started Hauntingthunder in 2006  to get experience in Blogging as a I do a lot of consultancy on Blogs and other social media at work.

I am currently working at Spika as a SEO engineer working on some major brands SEO and Analytics.

Before that I was in the Data Science Team at make it rain (part  of DAC Group )  in Blackfriars working on major site like Centreparcs and David Lloyd.

And Before that I was an SEO Engineer for Reed Business International working on large scale web properties.

I have a lot of experience in internet technology, and well before the Internet became mainstream I was active in some early online communities PRESTEL and Telecom Gold NB in particular (I used to work in OSI Networking and Billing for BT) – I even get a mention using my handle in Indra Singhs book about that pre www early online communities The CybergypsiesContact me on 07984 301472 or on Linkedin or Facebook  

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  1. Hello Maurice,

    I am Mihai Moscovici from University of Texas at Arlington. I am an research assistant in the department of communication.

    Currently, I am conducting an academic research project about the operation of MMORPG guilds. In particular, I am curious about the way guilds distribute in-game rewards. At this stage, we are looking for representative guilds for different loot distribution systems.

    I came across your guild Web site and I am fascinated by the amount of efforts your put in. I have read the documentation you provide in your Web site and I have a few questions.

    I wonder whether or not you would be willing to accept my invitation for an interview. The interview shall take about half an hour. The questions are mainly related to your loot-distributing policies — how they evolve overtime, how members react to them, etc.

    The information you provide will be a great contribution to the research project. I am conducting this investigation independently. The results will be reported at an academic research conferences and in academic journals.

    If you want so, your guild will not be identified in the reports. If you would like, I will happily share the research findings with you once the project is concluded.

    Finally, I sincerely hope that you will consider my invitation. Without your participation, this kind of research projects will not be possible.
    Please let me know your decision via email (mihai.moscovici@gmail.com) or phone (612-719-1875).
    Also you can directly contact the primary researcher, Chyng-Yang Jang. He is an assistant professor in the department of Communication, University of Texas at Arlington. Contact him via email ( cyjang@uta.edu) or phone (817-272-4142).

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Mihai Moscovici
    Graduate Research Assistant
    Department of Communication
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Phone: (612) 719-1875

  2. Well Neuromancer was my handle at Telecom Gold Notice board meets which is where I came in I neaver did that much on the Prestell/Shades side.

  3. Howdy:

    I stumbled across your blog while trying purposefully to stumble across blogs related to RPGs, gaming, etc. Nice stuff. Funny… I thought *I* was the Neuromancer mentioned in Indra Sinha’s book Cybergypsies… ; )

    My gang has recently launched a wiki for the creation and playing of text-based, cooperative RPG games: http://www.PlayByWiki.com. The point of my email is to try to get you to check it out and write a positive review of it for your readers, if you think it’s something they’d get a kick out of. If you think it sucks and would like to write a negative review of it, that’s cool, too… but I’m not actively pimping for negative reviews.

    If you think it is totally unworthy of mention on your blog, then I apologize for the interruption and return you to your regularly scheduled email.

    Also — we have the obligatory “Links” page: http://www.playbywiki.com/links . If you’d like to suggest your blog, or other sites of interest as a link for our users, just leave a comment on that page with the link(s) you’d like to suggest, and, if we agree that they make sense, we’ll add ’em.

    Thanks for your time. Take care, and happy gaming.

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