Pissed as Newts Tour

I’me off to London tomorow to do a little christmass shopping and to meet up with an A list Blogger Robert Scobel and a few of the other Blogarati (Shoot me now )  meeting at 1pm picadily circus (by the statue)

I Just have to resist the temptaions of the music tech stores on totenham court road on the way (but I do need some desk top mike stands)

I might even take all my mobile gear and try and do a pod cast

this is the link Pissed as newts

Aretha Franklin – Cute As a Box of kittens

While I was listeningto Mary Fox’s northern soul show she mentioned some soul Videos on youtube I had a poke around and found what i think is the best Areatha song eaver – its a low fi air shot but man does this song have soul.


Its also been sampled on a Mosdef track Ms Fatbooty as one of the commenters on the youtube  site says “aretha you sing that song girl “

Anti Google Bombing

Some rather odious white supremisist’s have set up cloaked websites to spread misnformation one example is target at Martin Luther King – so to help hears some real links.

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King

The new Battlestar Galactica

Normally I would have bothered to look at a remake of Battlestar Galactica as I didn’t see much of the original  and it’s a bit anodyne – however.

Seeing Annalee Newitz raving about it on her Blog  and some positive comments form some of my ex bt.misc colleagues – I got the first season set yesterday.

Its very good and shows the trend towards darker and more complex SF on televison some what shows up Torch wood (though BG does have an advantage of a ready made long story arc .

Hmm I do like the New female Starbuck  – looks like torchwoods Gwen has some competion for fanboys/girls crushes:-)

Note the S1 set doesnt come with preceding mini series whch sets up the backstory.

Major Google Sitemaps Anouncement

Over at Pubcon (an SEO conference) a surprise announcement – that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have agreed to standardize on the sitemap standard that Google launched almost a year a go.

The XML sitemap format the Google developed is a way for website owners to publish a definitive list of pages on a website to alow search engines to find odd or hard to index pages. Google also have extended the system to provide additional stats and diagnostic tools that make a Google sitemap a very useful tool for any webmaster or SEO

The anouncement ( Video ) is here

The new home for the sitemaps standard is at sitemaps.org google have alos put the sitemap standard into the public domain.

Pretexting in the Uk – Mishcon de Reya and Arnold & Porter are Hackers

Interesting that the case of HP Chairs investigation of her board members private information by employing PI’s to Ileagaly Hack into Bank and Phone Records (amongst other things) – Has now appeared in the uk.

The main story in Todays Guardian is about a case that the Data protection registar won against some scum Private Investigators ( Sharon and Stephen Anderson  and  Carratu International, Fleet Investigations and Keypoint Services  )

The realy  worying thing is the principals in the case are some of the bigest Law firms in the country Mishcon de Reya and Arnold & Porter.

Of course the poor bastards in the call centres who got conned will lose their jobs over this I Just hope that the Professional Bodies for the lawyers disbar some of the senior partners – from working as lawyers again over this.

one can only hope some Tabloid editor/owner gets done as the tabloids have been implicated in the use of PI’s to get hold of Celibraties Phone and Bank records. 

From a IT Security POV Hacking is Hacking no matter if you use electronic means or if you use social engeineering – Kevin Mintik got 5 Years hard jail time for that.

Remembrance Day Poem

The Royal British Legion which receives thousands of poems about conflict and the human sacrifice of war every year from members of the public, was so impressed by Rebecca Sullivan’s Poem ‘There Lie Forgotten Men’ that they have invited her to read her work in front of thousands of people gathered for ‘Silence in the Square’ a mass Two Minute Silence in Trafalgar Square this Saturday (11th November).  

There Lie Forgotten Men

They lie there in their thousands

The last rays of sunlight

Catching the white of the gravestones

Lending a poignancy to the moment

Numbering in their thousands they lay

Deserving remembrance

And yet the scarred green fields are empty

Nothing remains here

The processions of people vanished with the years

Their sacrifice all but forgotten



She stands there alone

At the edge of the silent place

And she is shocked

New wars brew and these forgotten men

Will play no part in them

The dead silence warn no ears but hers

In great halls, in moments of great decision

What they fought for is forsaken

And by days end new gravestones

Appear on the blood red ground


She finds what she seeks

‘Sgt John Malley Age 27’

His life brutally ended

And she stands by his grave

But he can give no answers

And she weeps for him

For the empty hole he left behind

And for the new emptiness

Soon to join the black chasm.

And her tears join the flood.


Rebecca Sullivan