Falcon 1 Launch #2

Well they made it and the 3rd attempt – I turned off after they aborted2sec  after ignition – cue some muttered industrial language but spacex managed to turn the rocket around and successfully launch in a round an hour which is very impressive – I was expecting that they would have to maintain the engine and be delayed days after an abortive launch like that.

The second stage did not  quite make it into orbit but as they say on their site

  The second stage didn’t achieve full orbital velocity, due to a roll excitation late in the burn, but that should be a comparatively easy fix once we examine the flight data.  Since it is impossible to ground test the second stage under the same conditions it would see in spaceflight, this anomaly was also something that would have been very hard to determine without a test launch. 


Falcon 1 Launch

By chance I came across a privater space company which is trying to radically cut the cost of getting to orbit they had a webcast of their second launch attempt yesterday (they had to abort at about 1 and half minutes before launch )


 They are going again today at 4 Pm Pacific Time – its quite erie listing to the chat in the hour or so before launch – as a child of the 60’s growing up with the moon race I suppose it speaks to the part of me that soars when you see a rocket arcing into they sky or a Spitfire stunting over an air filed – if that doesn’t make your heart sing – there is somthing missing inside you.

Thers a Blog covering this here

Farther of FORTRAN dies

Noticed today the the leader of the team that developed FORTRAN in the 50’s has died.

This made me think of my first job at BHRA where I was instructed “Go to the library get a book on FORTRAN and learn it”🙂 Thanks Mike

FORTRAN was the first really successful High level Language and was heavily used in the technical area – and still is today. The old Joke was that real programmers used FORTRAN and wrote atomic bomb simulations and billing systems in FORTRAN – both of which I have done – Well programs for simulating a fast breeder Reactor which is a Mummy Bomb🙂 and Large chunks of Telecom Golds Billing system where done in FORTRAN.

Dunn is No’t Dunn

Looks like Patricia Dunn has dodged a bullet as the State charges she and others where facing over the HP phone pretexting scandle where dropped by a Californian state Judge.

Its not all over yet as there are still (as far as we know) federal charges pending and one of the accused in the CA state case has had charges dropped in return for cooperating and testifying in the federal case.

A lot of the commentary on sites such as slash dot is negative as most people feel hat its one rule for the rich and powerful and one for the little guy – though to be fair Ma Dunn is battling some nasty health problems so there’s a case for offering her clemency but not in the others case I feel.

Advertising on Buses – Update

I mentioned a while back that I had a client that had launched a new site and had used Advertising on Buses as part of the launch.

The launch is going great guns almost 1300 unique visitors in the first month Feb (and that wasn’t a full month as the site launched a few days into feb) – I now have a pic of one of the advert’s.

Essex Audi Bus Advertising

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Pretexting not a way of life at HP – official

Looks like HP and their lawyers  have been smoking some of those naughty jazz ciggarettes  again – in a  case against former executive Karl Kamb.

Karl Kamb is employing a defense where he alleged that HP made it near impossible for employees to demonstrate “loyalty” or a “personal commitment to the company” because HP violated its own ethics policies by spying on board members, executives and other employees during its now infamous leak investigation. How could Kamb – accused by HP of using company funds, time, people and intellectual property to form a consumer electronics start-up – be chastised by HP for failing to live up to company standards when the company had lost all its standards? 

First i don’t the copying bad behavior so ime not guilty  is a particularly strong one but wait it gets better…

 in a leagal fileing HP claims.

“HP denies that the so-called ‘pretexting’ alleged by Kamb in the counterclaim occurred,” the company wrote in a legal filing made this week. “HP denies that any so-called ‘pretexting’ activities were part of a widespread patter or practice at HP.”

Ah so that would  be a completely different type of pretexting then as opposed to the type that Patrica Dunne was fired  resigned because of? quite why HP keep digging when there up to their necks in the brown stuff amazes me.

Then again Employment law often brings out the raving nutter in even the most mild mannered people.

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