Old friends

Amazing the things you find by chance:

I was doing some reasearch for an interior design client of mine and in th esearches a familiar name poped up i used to know a while back from 18 plus Dave Domoney is now a Garden designer.

I can rember enthusing in the pub in the mid 90’s to Dave about how this is going to change evrey thing and how he ought to get into the web.

Net Neutrality

One of the most sensible coments on net nutrality i have seen has come from Sir Tim Beners Lee here My personal take its the incumbant operators and the big media players trying to stifle new entrants and trying to export some of the franky broken aspects of the American phone system.

I saw the same blinkered pujadist attitudes in my time at Telecom gold and prestel and laterly the whole wap fiasco where where the emphsis was f*c*k the sub^h^h^h customer lets lock them in.

Of course that neaver worked did it guys!

More Google oddness

I mentioned before that Google had been making changes today when doing some work on one of my clients sites I noticed that they had dropped compleatly out of googles index!! Probably as a result of some of the post big daddy changes.

I'me now running around like a blue arsed fly trying to find out what has happened and fixing it – if google caries on like this messing with its results to no good end – they will end up like netware or one of the many compaies the messed up a product re-launch and pissed of their customers so much that a young pretender stole thier crown

If your website has suddely lost position or your traffic from google has droped like a stone call me on 0123 219119 or via here

“Proper” Gameing

As well as an interest in role playing  and video games i also still from time to time do some "proper wargameing" like last sunday when i was one of the subordinate generals on the Carthaginian side in a large game Rome Vs Carthange at the Gladiators all day sunday Game.

Thanks to Mark and Dave for leting me join in.

Carthage won  – helped by the Numidian Cavelry

SEO Tip # 1 Use PDFs where Apropriate

Quite a few websites I come across use pdfs in a really counter productive way PDF's are meant to be for large technical documents where accuracy of layout and unedibility is required (legal documents for example)

What is NOT! for is posting press releases or news items for flips sake you want Google to read and index your site properly don’t you?

 By all means have a PDF version but HTML is king PDFs also have accessibility implications for those blind or partially sighted people who use screen readers.

More Changes to Google

It looks like last week end Google made some changes again.

I have seen some big jumps in pages indexed and some improvements in SERPS results for some of my Clients.

In cluding one quite tricky one where there now just outside of the first page when their blog launches iminently)  i should be able to get them on the first page.

It looks like an index update post Big Daddy  unfortunetly as Matt is on holiday theres no news from Google themselves yet. This is of course if Matt hasnt been head hunted by the same guys who Scobel is going to work for.