Steam Punk Sara Palin

Comics or graphic novels if we are being pretentious have had some odd one offs and crossovers -and recently a genre which mixes science with Jules Verne HG Wells era SF called steam punk has become popular.

Today  browsing some gawker  properties to see if they have fixed the major javascript snafu they had.

And what did I find…. Drum roll please! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Steam Punk Sarah Palin.

steam punk sara palin

One reviewer commented

Steampunk Palin defies classification into any literary genre, unless there’s a genre I’m unaware of simply called “WTF?!?

It seems to be in the so bad its good territory I cant wait for the film.  A Review is here

and thus been fairly or unfairly labelled as “Goths who decided it might be fun to wear brown for a change.” 

RIP Gladys Horton of The Marvelettes

Sad to see that Gladys Horton one the founders of the Marvelettes has recently passed away. I saw her obit in the Guardian the other day. I thought I should post up a link to one of my favorite Marvelettes tracks for an early Harlem Apollo show in 63.

As you can see they where doing the moonwalk years before Micheal Jackson and in high heels!

Bing Copying – Google Throws Toys out of Pram

Oh dear sounds like Google is getting upset over Bing using googles results to improve theirs from the write up on Searchengine land here.

Google has run a sting operation that it says proves Bing has been watching what people search for on Google, the sites they select from Google’s results, then uses that information to improve Bing’s own search listings. Bing doesn’t deny this.

Reverse engineering is legal other wise we would still all be using IBM PC’s – Google should just man up and take it as a compliment.