Dig Under the hood of Google

This is  a realy nice way of looking deeper into google and may give an idea of what the google may  look like in the future.

To try this out

 1 goto www.google.co.uk

 2 paste this into the address bar


3 hit return

Ignore any error message

4 now do a search

You can see now an extra bar on the left which shows at a glance you the search relevance in the other categories origionaly thease where at the top of the page and did not show any relevancy.

Google insiders have said that Post Big Daddy there would be more changes maybe this is a hint at what they may look like?

You can find more information here  



Geek Sports (aka ime in love)

Saw a post i Just had to comment on describing the latest Geek sport Roomba Cockfighting. This is where depraved individual have modified Roomba's (robootic celaning devices which scuttle about clean rooms) into Death dealing killer robots!.

 The main story is here an column by Annalee Newitz on alternet shes always worth a read.

Obviosly this is a slightly less dangerous version of the stuff that Mark Pauline does at srl – less fingers geting blown off. Mark Pauline was the inspiation for Slick Henry  in William Gibsons Sprawl trilogy.

I just Hope Annalee is busy fiting the "friking" lasers to her Roomba as i Type

Web 2.0 Hits london

 Its Alive Its Alive!!

First Tuesday the uber web networking event looks like its back from the dead  the web 2.0 buzz is alive and well
in the vally and it looks like a once mighty sybol of the boom in the uk is back. 

In the form of Second Chance Tuesday I think Ime going to have to go if just for old times sake.

ps wonder if they sould have used a diferent domain glass houses is just asking for someone to throw stones and anyone who saw the car crash of a presentation the boo crew made will know what I mean.

Virgin Sites

Thease days lauching a brand new website can be problematic if all you do is put it up on you webserver and nothing else.

Any new site should plan how it will get into the main 3 search engines Google Yahoo and MSN before it lauches.  If you don’t have a link from a site all ready in the search engines your not going to appear in google and a site that isnt in google is just a waste of space.

A compleatly new site make take several months to get fully into the searchengines as partulary in Googles case they have an aging delay so a new site on a brand new domain will take some time to show up.

If you have the budget you can use PPC in the first few months to get initial trafic  – though this has its own problems itsa bit like renting a house rather than buying it – you want organic results in seach engines.

Google has a very good sitemap tool which alows you to submit all the pages in a website to google – its an absolute god send