AT43 Test Game #2

Last Monday I managed to finally get a decent test game of AT-43 ( A SF Wargame from Rackham) at my local wargames club I took 1250 points of Red Blok (3 Krazny soldat and 2 Spetnaz units)  vs a similar Amount of UNA troops run by Rob (on loan from his brother – he is waiting for the Karmen units to come out).

As the Armour for Red Blok was delayed I only had 5 units of infantry vs 3 infantry and a pair of fire toads.

The game went well as both Rob and I where getting to grips with the rules and working out some of the areas where the rules aren’t definitive.

It was a straight forward advance and kill or be killed game with no victory points to play for. We found that with out armour the red Blok center crumbled as the fore toads advanced even though the right and left flanks had some success – I did manage to do some damage to the Armour with my rump unit of Krazny soldat who had Rocket launchers as their special weapons troops – and a valiant attempt by a spetnaz unit to use their flamers on the other fire toad produced nothing.

We ruled the game a draw. The morale rules seemed a little off but we both had high level officers to make the roles with this may be deceptive one of quick is that at long range it makes sense to only shoot one genade launcher rather than the full 3 (for a full size unit) as the scatter distance  is related to the number of units fireing.

If your a At-43 or any other type of wargamer/roleplayer we meet at the North End club every monday evening and on the second sunday of the month for all day session. Check out the Bedford Gladiators blog

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