Steam Punk Sara Palin

Comics or graphic novels if we are being pretentious have had some odd one offs and crossovers -and recently a genre which mixes science with Jules Verne HG Wells era SF called steam punk has become popular.

Today  browsing some gawker  properties to see if they have fixed the major javascript snafu they had.

And what did I find…. Drum roll please! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Steam Punk Sarah Palin.

steam punk sara palin

One reviewer commented

Steampunk Palin defies classification into any literary genre, unless there’s a genre I’m unaware of simply called “WTF?!?

It seems to be in the so bad its good territory I cant wait for the film.  A Review is here

and thus been fairly or unfairly labelled as “Goths who decided it might be fun to wear brown for a change.” 

Internet Developer Looking For a New Gig (update found one)

I am a UK based Internet developer looking for a new gig full time or contract. I have  many years experience in web/Internet systems.

  • One of the first 5 webmasters and champions of www in BT.
  • Took over SEO at my last employer helped grow it to a large team with 25+ clients and 4 team members.
  • Worked in genuinely world leading organisations at the cutting edge.
  • Took part in research in ISO9000 / formal methods with BSI.

I’me currently working at RBI as a SEO Engineer you can contact me mobile: 07984 301472 or via my Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook profiles.

Christmas Appeal Post NEDDI

neddi-logo-small I have been working on an animal welfare site recently and thought I would do a quick plug for NEDDI 

they  support and provide a safe haven for donkeys that have been abused and/or need a new home this is an organization called NEDDI.

They rescue an look after donkeys that have no home or in some distressing cases have been horribly treated by cruel owners.

They have a donkey sanctuary based in France and you can support them by adopting a donkey

Remembrance Day poem

There Lie Forgotten Men

They lie there in their thousands

The last rays of sunlight

Catching the white of the gravestones

Lending a poignancy to the moment

Numbering in their thousands they lay

Deserving remembrance

And yet the scarred green fields are empty

Nothing remains here

The processions of people vanished with the years

Their sacrifice all but forgotten

She stands there alone

At the edge of the silent place

And she is shocked

New wars brew and these forgotten men

Will play no part in them

The dead silence warn no ears but hers

In great halls, in moments of great decision

What they fought for is forsaken

And by days end new gravestones

Appear on the blood red ground

She finds what she seeks

‘Sgt John Malley Age 27′

His life brutally ended

And she stands by his grave

But he can give no answers

And she weeps for him

For the empty hole he left behind

And for the new emptiness

Soon to join the black chasm.

And her tears join the flood.

Rebecca Sullivan

Booker Prize Oddness

Last week whist I was noodling around on t’internet I had the TV on in the back ground and saw the announcement of the booker prize I was very surprised that one of the booker short list was one one I knew back in the day when i worked for Telecom Gold and later on Prestel


Animal’s People by Indra Sinha (Simon & Schuster) Indra also wrote Cyber Gypsies as semi fictional account of the early days of online communities on the prestel viewdata system in particular the SHADES MUG and telecom gold (tymnet) systems.

I met Indra briefly at at one or two Shades or telecom gold noticeboard meets and even got a mention in the dedication under my Handle.

Looks like one of my clients (A will Writing Specialist) is up for an award

I don’t often mention my clients directly but one of my clients (Legal services Uk)  are up for the National Business Awards for Scotland they are on the shortlist for Scottish AXA Small to Medium Sized Business of the Year Award category- as mentioned here.

What they do is advise and help people  on wills and will writing, from the basic to the more complex did you know that a simple change to the way a will is setup can double a couples IHT allowance – a non trivial saving to your heirs in case the worst happening.