Starfinder Against the Aeon Throne actual play.

Given the name of the blog you would be correct in assuming that I am a SF roleplaying fan 😊

Recently I have been getting into Starfinder which is Paizo (makers of pathfinder) science fiction game set in the default t universe that pathfinder I set it but in the far future. Starfinder is more of a science fantasy game than a harder science fiction game like traveller think Starwars rather than say Traveller. I am running a Starfinder game at the Gladiators using the stolen suns adventure path that Paizo have published.

I am also getting back into online gaming and podcasting I am starting in a online game which is going to be an actual play podcast using Starfinder rules and the Against the eaon throne adventure path


Actual play podcasts are podcasts that record rpg playing sessions either audio or sometimes video – this has really been kickstarted by the critical role show which is a group of voice actors playing Dnd online some of whom where experienced players.
Session 0 (the initial set up session) of the game is on tonight and will be on youtube at Dungeon Musings.

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