Best Adsense Fail or Scary Devil Nunnery Recruiting – and a SEO Fail on

Whilst perusing the Guardians job  section to analyse the platform they use – I both found a number of ways to completely mess up that entire section of the site and I also found what must be the strangest Adsense advert of all time.

Having managed to create arbitrary pages on the job site I took a look at the Adsense served up at the base of the page which is show here (note the faked page I created was IT related).

Strange Ad Sense Advert

Though I must say holding SEO Audits in the style of the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” does appeal some times – especially when one comes across pages whose markup could be best described as “Your aving a laugh mate”. Though I suspect that HR might winge when we took people down to the basement for the “shewing of the instruments “.

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