Black Templar Space Marines WH40K

I have been thinking about doing some WH40K gaming and one a visit to the mother ship at warhammer world I finaly broke down and brought a space marine battle force which is a basic starter set. I also looked at the various different  Space marine factions and was taken with the Black Templars.

Black Templar Marine
Black Templar Marine

The Black Templars are a non standard Chapter of Space marines who deviate in a number of ways from the standard, Most of the time they fight in Companies which are formed in an ad hoc manner. The individual squads and specialists fight side by side out of familiarity and comradeship rather than any imposed organisation.

They also have a stark black and white colour scheme which appealed – though when I looked at the difficulty of painting black armour – I did wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew.  However I have made a start undercoating a 10 men unit and am in the process on painting them up ill post some pics when I dig out my camera.  Though i might not get to this standard.Black Templar Minature

I am just at the stage of doing the white shoulder pads which require multiple coats of grey as a second undercoat  so that the white stands out against the back under coat.

I also went to GW in London and Bedford and brought some more a few days later and have some vehicle models which will be done later.

black tempar rhino black templar preadator

So left to right  we have shots of a rhino APC: a Razorback MICV and lastly a Predator tank when they are made up and painted in the chapter colors.  My Local GW Shop in Bedford is here

One thought on “Black Templar Space Marines WH40K

  1. Great to see you’re enjoying starting the Black Templars, I have started some Crimson Fists myself lately. I must say I’d forgotten how much fun marines are to paint!

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