Uncharted Sea’s First Game – Dwarves vs Orc’s

Last Monday I managed to have test game at the Gladiators with some model ships I brought back in the summer at games Expo. This is something of a rare event for me as the last time I put models I have painted on  the table was a very long time ago.


Here you can see my Iron Dwarves  fleet facing off against Barrys Orc fleet A battle ship and some screening frigates and a cruiser squadron to my starboard. Uncharted Seas is a fast paced, game of naval tactical combat set in a world of high fantasy. The Dwarves are similar in style and design to the early ACW ironclads.

I haven’t got any close ups of my ships but they don’t look to bad especially as they only had the initial primary colors added. I have yet to tidy up the paint job finish; adding the bronze highlights to the funnels and then add a wash to dirty up the armor plate then glass and matt varnish. There is also a very nice dazzle style effect I have seen on some one else’s ships which I want to try out


Both Barry and I think that having the ships on bases would help, especially for the ships with metal sails which are some what top heavy. Theday after the game I  brought some clear plasticard from Goldings to base up my ships.  

You can see an close up of Barry’s cruiser’s here ill have to see if i can take some close up’s of mine after I finish them off.


It was very much a test game with both of us flicking through the rules books – Uncharted seas plays fast and bloody – we had a magazine explosion critical that took out 3 ships in one go at one point.Uncharted seas have a starter set for all 6 races (which is the forces we where using) plus some additional models, Dwaves have subs and airships which both look fun.

Uncharted Seas can be found at their website and  local to Bedford Wargames Workshop caries Uncharted Seas. I can feel a trip out to cranfield coming on.

Oh the orcs won 🙂 what is it with me and combat debut’s

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