Scobelizer vs Randall Kennedy over chrome

this is  a response to the post scobelizer made responding an InfoWorld columnist Randall Kennedy crtiquieing the new chrome OS ad why Randal thinks it will fail (a view that i think is 99% likely)

The original article is here and Roberts response here

With all respect Robert saying its not going to fail but only because  inventing a new “category of computer that chrome OS suits is the sort of tactic you hear politician do when they don’t want to answer the question put to them.

Its not about developers at all. The argument that it’s a new type of companion device is interesting but in the end but that ignores that normal people don’t really want 2 computers and they really don’t want is another cut down Microsoft bob Linux interface. People want the GUI interface they are used to; note that notebooks really didn’t take off until XP was available

If I need reference in the kitchen I use the 45+ year old copy of Marguerite Patten we have I can boot that in a lot less than 7 seconds (ie open the book)

Lets look at the history of the network computer as this is yet another attempt to get this particular nag up and running. A few years ago Sun, Oracle and others tried this and I actually tried to use the network computer and this was in BT in a flag ship building with state of the art networks (we actually used up the local exchanges spare pairs )

It didn’t work then for use as a pc it made a nice small x terminal to connect to our sun servers though.

Going further back this is the model that Videotext used a relatively dumb terminal and every thing in the cloud (well a bunch of GEC 4000’s) that didn’t work that well ok it did sort of work but only because the French government/ France telecom gave away 100,000’s minitels.

Even further back we come to IBM back in the day IBM used to sell a complete package software bundled with mainframe which you rented looks like Google is trying to reinvent the 1960’s mainframe model – IBM got into some serious problems with the anti trust people back then.

The major problems are that people like having a general purpose PC and aren’t going to want to go back to the locked down

For this to work you need a ubiquitous and high speed wireless access and as the USA seems to have major problems in getting mobile phones to work for voice let alone the massive amount. The trouble is that the PC is an evolving platform and whilst you can do cut down tasks such as crude word processing or basic spreadsheets Google docs is lacking when it comes to even open office which is again not as good is MS Office.

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