Micro Men

Just caught up via iplayer with the BBC 4 program Micro Men about the early days of the Computer industry in particular the rivalry between Sinclair and Acorn, with ZX80/81 and Spectrum vs Acorn’s Atom/BBC Micro. At the time I was working with some of the early PC’s PETS and Apples and both I an My office mate lobbied to use the BBC Micro as a cheap (£400) color interface for some of the experiments at BHRA.

Allegedly when a delegation from the PRC came to visit to look at a huge experimental model of the flows around the outfall of a new power station they where more impressed with the BBC that was used as a front end and displayed a heat map – and apparently scoured Bedford looking for a BBC micro to take back with them 😉




The BBC Micro


A real blast from the past and reminded me of the old days.

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