18 Plus Caister Weekend

When I was younger I was a member of 18 Plus a social organization for nominally 18-30 year olds. 18 plus used to run a lot of different events around the UK but for most of us Plussers they year revolved around the large scale events. There where a number of big National scale events which could attract up to 4000+ attendees.

The first event of the 18 Plus Year was Caister where 18 Plus took over Caister holiday camp well actually at its height two adjacent Camps. A holiday at Easter had been a fixture in 18 plus for along time by the 70’s had moved to Caister a small village outside Great Yarmouth.

The event ran for 5 days from the Thursday before Easter till late on Easter Monday  and normally ran 3 venues for the nighttime entertainment which was varied.

Neptunes Palace and the Old 18 Plus Logo


Easter always bring back memories of Caister and as I am typing this we would have just gone into Neptunes palace if we had been lucky in the lottery (held early Friday)which was used to allocate tickets as there where to many people to fit in just one venue.

Eventually I used to help out with the organizing of  door security with Dave Domoney (now a gardening TV presenter) who was on the Canister committee.

The 18 Plus Caister week end was the inspiration for the better known Caister Soul weekends

5 thoughts on “18 Plus Caister Weekend

  1. I did Caister in the late 80’s early 90’s till they finished. One year my mate and I were tasked with attending the raffle for the ticket allocation. Feeling a bit hungover, we gave our raffle ticket away and told the other group they could have 1st allocation and we would get 2nd if they would wait and collect our tickets for us.

    Needless to say the rest of the group went mad. We didn’t care though as we had the golden rover tickets for doing door duty and could get into any venue. The rest of the group did not do too badly if I remember, but it was a close call.

      1. I did Caister a few times in the 80s too I recall the Radio 1 roadshow and Simon Bates and D L T doing their shows on stage at Neptunes the company was always good. The caravans were something else freezing cold most years especially when Easter fell early and the long drive down.

        Paul (former Rochdale 18+)

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