Field Of Glory – Initial Review

Having heard good reports of Field of Glory a new Ancients/Medieval rules set from osprey and having been tempted to get back into ancients after reading Tom Hollands “Persian Fire” over Christmas and am currently working through John Julius Norwich’s 3 vol history of Byzantium.

I ordered the main rules set and the Classical Greek/ Persian period army book from my local Waterstones and i thought id do a quick initial review.

fog immortal-fire

Fields of Glory (FOG) follows the normal pattern for modern rules sets of having a core rules set plus period books for particular periods. The rules differ form WAB in being based on units (Battle Groups in FOG parlance) made up of a number of bases not individual figures – so a Hoplite unit is made up of 6 or 8 bases of figures  and casualty’s are done by base and not figures.

The rules are defiantly for a more experienced wargamer and the army books don’t give you the hand holding in building an army  that say games workshops WAB ones do – they assume at least a basic knowledge of the period. The rules can work with any figure scale but they suggest 25/28 mm or 15 mm as good scales.

I just need to get organised enough to paint the figures always the down side and with the hoplite army I am interested in I would like to do both the Persian and Peloponnesian War periods (I did Thucydides at school)  thats a LOT of Hoplites to paint and 28mm figures aren’t cheap let alone the nice annotated Herodotus that is tempting me at waterstones 🙂

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