Saving Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park is a run down little country estate in Buckinghamshire. Not particularly beautiful, large or distinguished in the way many British country estates are. But in terms of history it might be the single most important patch of land in Britain. Alan Turing laid down many of the foundations of modern computing at Bletchley Park and, along with many others including Tommy Flowers and co from Dollis Hill cracked German codes and helped us to win WWII.


Bletchley Park is also the birthplace of the computer. The world’s first programmable, digital, electronic computer: Colossus was invented and installed at Bletchley Park during World War Two to break encrypted German messages. There is a site dedicated to saving Bletchly Park for the nation and an online petition at Number 10’s website.

Help ensure this incredibly important site doesn’t crumble altogether. If you’re a British citizen please sign the petition to the Prime Minister. If you’re not please donate or help spread the word.

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