Graham Stringer, MP Rides The Fail Whale

Some one pointed out a ill thought out sub daily mail rant about dyslexia by one of the more unreconstructed Labour MP’s that made my blood boil – quell surprise he’s from one of the more unreconstructed areas of  the UK.

this iduhvidual is claiming

dyslexia is a myth invented by education chiefs to cover up poor teaching.

He seems to have been go at by the supporters of  a system called phonics which he claims can cure dyslexia “yeh right” its highly ironic that when I went to the Wolfson Centre at Great Ormond Street back when I was first diagnosed with dyslexia back in the day they asked my mother if I had been taught with phonics as at the time this “trendy” teaching was thought to cause problems for dyslexics.

Of course the whole argument  is point less as dyslexia is a spectrum of problems and I never had ANY FRACKING problems with reading it was spelling those tricksy little words like “Of” correctly.

Mr Stringer qualifications for commenting on dyslexia and the problems it causes people what can be best summed up by a quote from the the thick of it

“you’ve got no credentials. You’re so back-bench, you’ve actually fracking fallen off. You’re out there by the bins.”

Liberal Conspiracy comments that this is an example of the Dorries effect viz:

The degree of media attention afforded to a backbench MP is proportional to their capacity for making public demonstrations of their own, deeply ingrained, ignorance.

and finishes

And so, Graham Stringer, Member of Parliament for the constituency of Manchester Blackley, may I extend my congratulations to you because, thus far, you are the Wanker of the Week!

You can see from springers they work for you entry that he seems to be one of the MP’s claiming the most expenses which is interesting as a commenter on a Tory blog said.

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