AT 43 2k Frontline Company

I had a game round Daves vs his Therian army and his new type 3 unit the Baal Golgoth over the Christmas break you can see a write up of the game over here inspired by Steleks blog posts about army lists I though that I would share my army list.

2000 Point Red Blok Frontline List

2 Sierp
Urod (+ Colonels Odin & Manon)
3 Dragomirov Kolossus (+ Lieutenant Dragomira)
12 Krasnye Soldaty (3 Rocket Launcher)
6 Dragonov Kommandos (Sergeant, 1 Sniper Gun)

The Sierp’s worked well and shutdown the Therian infantry but the Baal Golgoth  was just too strong and eventually crushed my army I did have some bad luck with the rocket launchers who failed to scratch the Armour.  Though I did realize that one defense against a hekat is to climb the stairs 🙂

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