AT-43 Two New Factions Announced Plus AT43 Plastic Kits

Rackham have formally announced the next two factions and a release date for the Dotch Yaga (wooo hoo) The Cogs are coming out in Wave 11 just after Wave 10 March 09 which will contain the Dotch Yaga.

Painted Shots of Cog Troops (due May)


Two waves later (July?) we will have the ONI who are the military side of the corporation mentioned in frost bite.


Rackham will also be launching Rackham legends resin range with some of their previous Confrontation models  being rereleased. Also three new armies will be launched for Confrontation.

Of more interest to AT43 players – they will also be launching in March 09, a range of plastic model kits, to be mounted and painted. These kits will include some models from the AT-43 universe, such as the NAKOVALNY. Those will be at the same scale as the AT-43 miniatures used in the game.

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