Real Dan Lyons Calls Yahoo! PR a “lying sack of shits” and gets disciplined by his bosses.

The industry standard reports that Dan (aka Fake Steve Jobs) Lyons has been forced to stop blogging on his personal blog by his bosses. After he wrote about Yahoos PR and Chair being “economical with the actualite” about the Google Yahoo deal and Jerry Yangs Job security.

Yahoo! Pr kept spinning him that the Google/Yahoo deal was a done deal and the Chairman of Yahoo apparently told him a month ago.

“Roy Bostock swore up and down to me that Jerry Yang wasn’t going anywhere because he was absolutely the greatest leader the world has ever known. "Nobody knows this company better than Jerry Yang," said Roy. "Jerry is the right person to continue to lead Yahoo."

It seems that newsweeks editorial team, seems to be lacking a pair calling Yahoo! on their less honest dealings with Dan is not a major problem. Yahoo! to be honest seems incapable of organizing a piss up in a brewery – turning down Microsoft’s offer is probably one of the worst business decisions this decade.

I bet Steve B is glad Yahoo refused Microsoft’s offer I suspect that the new CEO of Yahoo will get a much reduced offer for Yahoos search business.

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