Squeezing Amanda Tapping’s Nubbins or These Aren’t Your Fathers Tribbles

With Sanctuary approaching the half way point I thought id post up my thoughts about the show up to now.


This week sees the team back at base after recovering a couple of new specimens from a ship with a mysteriously dismembered crew one of the creatures is a big doglike carnivore and some cute little critters that look like a chinchilla swallowed a Furby. Obviously SF fans can see the obvious reverse coming it turns out the cute nubbins are the culprits here being a lot more aggressive than the tribbles.


The nubbins also seem to be furry little love potion number nines  and will gets some intense moments with both Ashley and Helen presumably this is to set up some future character development. All in All a fun episode and one I bet the cast and crew had fun doing this as it was directed by Peter DeLuise I can almost hear him having fun on the directors commentary. Like all franchises its a bit of a slow start and remember that all some of SG1s S1 episodes where not so hot.

Id say 7 out of 10 and could become a hit next weeks episode which deals with more of Helens backstory looks good.

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