Sanctuary review

Thought id share my thoughts on sanctuary which had its premiere last Monday. A slightly slow start but I’ve only seen 1/2 of the two part pilot. It does have some similarities to the premise of Torchwood (but with less sex) but i’me not convinced it’s a straight knock off. The Will Zimmerman character as the audience surrogate has some similarity to Gwen Cooper – but its a standard trope.



Quite a bit slower in pace than the  webisodes which is to be expected when fleshing out a series from the web to TV (which is a first)

Amanda Tapping has a radically  different look which was conscious decision to try and have character as distinct from her SG1 character and maybe she got fed up with just having drab camo to wear. And she defiantly rocks as a brunette.(cue fan boi Squeeing)

There has been some criticism of Amanda’s British accent (mostly from non UK speakers) but as the character is from a victorian era you would expect – and i’me sure if she had more modern posh British accent (ala an amped up Joanna Lumley) i’me sure they would have moaned as well.

Interestingly her daughter (the hawt blonde in tight leather ) has an accent similar to Sam Carters though its not as obvious in the tv show as posed to the webisodes.

To sum up an interesting start if slightly slow in pace and is defiantly in my to watch list.

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