AT 43 Dotch Yaga – Now that’s what I call Stankovite Work Excess

Finaly what all Red Blok AT43 Players have been waiting for some pictures (albeit a computer rendering) of the size 5 type 3 strider the Dotch Yaga are out in Cry Havoc 99.



The Dotch Yaga is a legend… Rumor has it that the construction of just one of these combat striders monopolizes Slavgorod´s production of kolossium for a month; that a single shell of its heavy mortar weighs as much as a kolossus battlesuit; that it has a Gauss cannon capable of firing 500 kilos of steel per second; that it can absorb direct fire from a battlecruiser. All these rumors are true. The Dotch Yaga is a legend because no one has ever survived a fight against the ultimate offspring of the revolutionary weapons industry. Every day, even its pilots are surprised by the endurance and the power of this machine. A new generation of officers has been specifically trained to take command of the Dotch Yagas to fully exploit their capacities; and no doubt others will need to be trained to command companies that include one of these armored fighting vehicles.


There is also a picture of a new Cogs figure which looks like a type 3 infantry unit.


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