This Week In Wargameing Episode #4

Last Saturday id did some recording for an AT43 themed episode of This Week In Wargameing. it should be up in 4-5 days.  Quite fun and it went better this time and I managed to use my Br600 as a back up recorder so if we had problems there would be an alternate take to allow us to splice the recording together.

The next step is to hook up cubase and live so that i can record in cubase/live and use live to drop bumpers and adds into the show using a controll surface  in real time just like a proper podcaster 🙂 I also ned a better condenser mic as at the moment I use a pair of the entry level Shure dynamic mics entry level SM 58’s if you will.


TWIW is here 


I will put my Red Blok and Therian Show notes up on here as  separate faction review posts when the show goes live.

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