Fracking Spammers

found an interesting  result in Google when I checked some back links on one of my site i saw a snippet from our test blog the one we let new staff try out blogging on.

The snippet looked like this


Look at the Portsmouth ferries one “Bastards” I found hundreds of dodgy links which I traced back to a site hosted in Utah touting immortality cures ! part of me is tempted to contact my brothers in the sates to find out where that ip goes and do a bit of action direct! – “Pour encourjay lays ortras.” as Nanny Ogg says.

Open the right man hole Manhole bit of Derv light blue touch paper and Bjorn Stronginthearms your uncle 🙂

Not of course that i am suggesting anything naughty happen to the sub 🙂

One thought on “Fracking Spammers

  1. Well if you ever need some ‘direct action’ Im ex US Army Airborne, and have a few good friends who did some time in Spec Ops.

    Not that im suggesting anyting of course 😉

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