Latest At43 Game

Last Sunday I managed to get a game with my AT43 Company at the first all day Session at the Bedford Gladiators this the first time we have tried a larger game Just over 2k Ap per side.

here we see my Kossak thumping Daves Una Fire Toad Platoon they had also walked into the fire zone of a couple of units with rocket launchers (you can see one in the back ground) so after this turn the unit was almost wiped out even failed a morale test which is uncommon in AT 43.


Daves UNA advancing with the Defender Snake in the background – the Snake is a really difficult unit to deal with I need some more units with long range AT to try to deal with it.


One thing we found was you need to play on smaller tables as it can take to long to get into position 4 by 4 or 4 by 6 and play across the short side.

We also hade a very nice looking winter war game going on on a massive table(the pic doesnt show the size of the table) with some very nice winterized models and terrain.


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