Torchwood series 2

The transmission date for the start of torch wood Season 2  is Wednesday 16 January, 9pm, BBC Two.

From the trailers it looks like they have worked harder at getting a slicker edge and the trailers look like s2 is going to be better than s1 – which had a few rough edges and suffered from to much Dr Who thinking where episodes can much better stand alone as opposed to a continuing series.


Interesting that Gwen And Toshiko’s hairdos are very similar but opposite handed. Maybe Tosh is copying Gwen as part of her unrequited crush on Owen.

From the trailers Ianto seems to been given more of a role will be interesting to see if there’s any fallout from the team killing is cyber girlfriend in the last season.

It will be interesting to see how the introduction of Martha from Dr Who for part of the run will play out. It certainly looks better that the new series of species which was ok but just didn’t seem to work – been watching a bit to many spooks episodes I feel – may be it will improve.

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3 thoughts on “Torchwood series 2

  1. maybe the Brigadier met jack in ww2 the ages would posibly work

    Or having Brigadier Bambera trying to instail some disaplin into the team might be fun maybe this is where the Martha in bondage roumours come in 🙂

  2. I definitely think Ianto will be the most interesting character this series. He was enigmatic last time round, and I hope he has more secrets hidden from us, like the Cyberwoman. And I hope his relationship with Jack doesn’t detract from his mysterious character too much.

    It intrigues me to see how they will weave Martha into the storyline (one theory is that she is part of UNIT, which means The Brigadier might be coming back!), but it will be more interesting to see how the crossover between Torchwood and Doctor Who plays out (because, by my calculations, Torchwood will be airing its last episodes as Doctor Who show its first) and we know that Martha is in Doctor Who, alongside Rose and Donna.

    Also, will we get any more clues as to how Captain Jack becomes the Face of Boe, either in Torchwood or Doctor Who?

  3. Russell T. Davies said in an interview that fans have a misconception of what happened to Lisa. Ianto may have initially felt betrayed by the team, but now he realises that happened was necessary. Because of what happened, Ianto actually became closer to Captain Jack instead of hating him, and there is no animosity between Ianto and the rest of the team.

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