Using a PCMCIA card to Express Card adaptor

I wrote last year about the stupidity of dell in not fitting a PCMCIA slot in their new laptops when there where no cards to go in them.

Finally a company has an adaptor to allow people to use PCMIA cards in a Express Card adaptor which is nice especially for those of us with expensive specialist cards – musicians in particular use PCMIA card adaptor sound cards to get the high quality sound they need.


The card is from Dual Systems here I still get hits most days about this issue so its nice that finally someone with a clue has done something that should have been done right at the start of the launch of this new standard. The price is the usual dollar to pound rip of so ill investigate buying from the states.

5 thoughts on “Using a PCMCIA card to Express Card adaptor

  1. thanks for this info can you tell me if there is a sim card dongle that will fit this adaptor thus enabling me to access the internet whilst mobile. if so are you allowed able to tell me who supplies them in the uk.

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