BT Teams with FON to create Wi-Fi community

Very interested to see that BT have signed up with FON a Spanish based Company to set up a community  of BT customers and other people with BB connections (using a third party router which Fon sell) who agree to share their WiFi in return for free access to all other WiFi access points in the community.  BTFON_logo

The software to do this is going to be pushed to users of home hubs (the fairly shoddy router that BT use to deliver BB these days) shortly.

My spies tell me that this was being discussed as a possibility within BT ( behind the wire us us Ex BT er’s call those left behind) over 3  years ago.

Fon comes out of the greater acceptance of cooperative values in Spain for example the Mondragón coop is the best know example of this.

Will be very interesting to see if this works in the UK and if other BB operators go whining to Ofcom  I can see Sky doing this and it fon may fall as it might impact the mighty Murdoc media empire – this could be another great idea that falls because of the slavish adherence of the UK the Faux competition which in the end dosen’t really benefit the consumer all that much.

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