AT43 Wargame Game

Last Monday I managed to have another game of AT-43 the new SF Wargame from Rackham at the local wargames club. I had a couple of new Red Blok Units making their combat debut vs Daves UNA army.

A unit of spetsnatz kolossus’s skulking at the back they are a short ranged anti infantry unit and  never managed to get into combat. towards the rear you can see a large Krazny soldat unit advancing on the opposite flank. 


The UNA opposition move forward utilizing containers as cover.


I also had a new unit of dragonov kommandos who got wiped out by the UNA defender snakes mortar – the Red Blok is still missing some heavy AVF anti armour units – ill have to wait till they get to the uk before I can get my revenge.

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