Temperature & Humidity USB Data Loggers

Back in may I wrote about a neat USB gadget that allowed you to monitor temperature and download the data to your computer via USB – unfortunately the product had to be recalled as they had some teething problems  but now my contacts at atp-instrumentation tell me they have a new range of USB Data loggers.

They have a couple of products one of which is just a temperature data logger and an advanced version that does both temperature and humidity.

AEL-USB-1 Temperature USB Data Logger
• Over 16,000 readings capacity
• Temperature range -35° to +80°C
AEL-USB-2 Humidity/Temperature USB Data Logger
• Over 32,000 readings capacity (16,000 temperature/16,000 humidity)
• Humidity range 0 to 100%, temperature -35°C to +80°C, calculated dew point


They also have a mini version of the product which is a temperature only data logger with a reduced capacity  of readings.


I have been wondering if you could hook these  to something like a nslu2 running Linux as I mentioned a couple of days ago maybe you could build your own home weather station.

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