Looks like Germany has had its Reihe Schläuche moment

Not to be out done by American politicians stupidity at the week end a German law came into effect
that could effectively destroy the Internet security industry in Germany.

A site covering the industry commented

“Despite some observers fearing a ‘Kristallnacht’ in the near future, and while it is likely there will be some abuses of the law (DMCA, for example), the overall effect to Information Security work and research in Germany is not likely to be all that great.That doesn’t mean that changes aren’t already happening. A number of security related products and groups have either closed up shop or relocated to countries of convenience, such as the Netherlands. “

Hmm for you fritz the Internet is over šŸ™‚ though some of the sites where I have have the most technical problems with areĀ  German websites.

The only positive to thisĀ is that our government did take sensible advice from the industry and dropped similar laws recently look like there’s at least a few people who get the Internet.

I do wonder if it falls because it violates the free movement of products and services in the EU.

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