More AT43 Red Block

As I mentioned before I have been getting into the AT43 game from rackham there’s some new units  out as the basic models out for the soviet faction lack anything to punch through armored units.

I posted the pic of the big walker before but they now have that out and a couple of boxes to expand the two types of infantry is out.


This is the special weapons for the basic infantry units.


And these bad boys are the elite spetnaz equivalents.

and some kind person has traslated more information about the factions and for those of you who dont frequent the forums hers the basic’s of the red block faction (icuding some yet to be released units).

The Red Blok
The origins of the Red Blok go back over 50 years on the now former UNA colony of Hades. Feeling exploited and mistreated by their UNA administrators, the workers organized and began to agitate against a system that made a few people rich while the masses wallowed in misery. They organized strikes, and when the UNA decided to answer with force, the workers made weapons in the factories, and began to create a nascent form of what is the basis of their government and society: collectivism.

Pushing back against the elite UNA White Stars sent to quell the uprisings, the workers fought in militias using only a handful of light firearms and bladed weapons. Their work clothes smeared by the blood of their enemies, their actions led to inspiring patriotic songs dedicated to the “Red Soldier,” or “Krasny Soldat” in Hadesian (plural “Krasnye Soldaty”).

Don’t let their humble origins fool you, though. Red Blok armies have a variety of options they can bring to bear on the tabletop, allowing them to stand toe-to-toe against their foes. Anyone who underestimates Red Blok forces based on a cursory examination of their overall lower stats will pay dearly for their assumptions. What they lack in Accuracy and Protection they make up for in numbers and good Morale stats, and their Kolossus and combat strider units possess enough Protection and firepower to lead the advance.

The Red Blok Army Book

Download the Rackham-provided Red Blok unit stats PDF.

Operational Organization

Standard Red Blok Platoon Pattern
A Standard platoon pattern is used by players not wishing to use one of the three subfactions provided for each army.
Soldier Unit (*) !
Soldier Unit (*)
Soldier Unit (*/**/***)
Strider Unit (**)
Strider (*/**/***) or Vehicle (*/**/***) or Soldier (***) Unit

The ARC (Army of Revolutionary Collectives)

The ARC oversees the Red Blok’s armies. It values the individual fighting man, recruiting the best men and women from amongst the Red Blok collectives. The heart and soul of any ARC army is the Krasnye Soldaty. However, it’s not uncommon for ARC officers to have a bit of trouble commanding their larger than normal units.
Advantage: The maximum number of fighters in ARC infantry units is increased by one (this additional fighter is not free: his cost in AP is added as usual to that of the unit; this rule only applies to units with an extra fighter cost in their “Cost of a unit” table).

Disadvantage: the units may be issued only one combat drill at a time.

Infantry Unit (*) !
Infantry Unit (*)
Soldier Unit (**/***)
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**)
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**/***) or Soldier Unit (***)

ARC: Operation Damocles (Cry Havoc! Vol. 14)
Infantry Unit (*) !
Infantry Unit (*)
Infantry Unit (*/**/***)
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (**)
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**)


Frontline is the collective located on the UNA’s homeworld of Ava. Technologically proficient, the Frontline seeks to prove by example the superiority of collectivism everyday. To that effect, they used genetic programs to repopulate the Frontline collective after the Therian invasion, and they greatly value their vehicles and equipment in battle, so much so that they’ve been known to pull their forces out of a battle because their commanders managed to get the valued combat striders destroyed.

Advantage: Your armored fighting vehicles can control objectives.
Disadvantage: The company is defeated if all its armored fighting vehicles are destroyed.

Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/***) !
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**)
Infantry Unit (**/***)
Infantry Unit (**/***)
Infantry Unit (*/***)

Frontline: Operation Damocles (Cry Havoc! Vol. 14)
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**) !
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**)
Infantry Unit (**/***)
Infantry Unit (**/***)
Infantry Unit (*)


Supra monitors the hearts and minds of the collectives, disseminating the revolutionary message while simultaneously ensuring no subversive messages are spread amongst the collectives. Highly motivated, Supra armies rarely, if ever, falter in battle. To do so means certain death not only for the individual soldiers but their families back home. Indeed, many Supra armies, facing defeat, decide to commit mass suicide on the battlefield rather than go home and face the guns of their Supra masters.

Advantage: The Authority test is rolled with two dice instead of one. The player picks the better of the two results.
Disadvantage: A disorganized unit is eliminated immediately.

Infantry Unit (**) !
Infantry Unit (**)
Soldier Unit (*/**/***)
Soldier Unit (*/**)
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**/***)

Supra: Operation Damocles (Cry Havoc! Vol. 14)
Infantry Unit (**) !
Infantry Unit (*/**)
Soldier Unit (*/**)
Soldier Unit (*/**/***)
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**)


Sergeant Anistasya Tymofiyeva
(Sgt Tymofiyeva pic/reference card, Kozni reference card)

A Nakovalny pilot, Sgt Tymofiyeva can lead any Nakovalny unit aboard her combat strider, “Kozni” (“Machination”). She worked her way up from electronic warfare specialist to combat strider pilot, bringing an ability to deceive, manipulate, and mislead enemy commanders.
She brings with her two abilities: Interference and Disruption. Interference is declared when Sgt Tymofiyeva’s unit is activated. The player selects a card in his opponent’s sequence without looking at it and places it wherever he wants within the activation sequence. The equipment for Interference is mounted on Kozni, so if it’s destroyed she won’t have it when on foot.
Disruption: Sgt Tymofiyeva has this ability both aboard Kozni and when on foot. For each fighter with this ability on the battlefield, each enemy company loses 1 LP during the tactical phase. The LP reserve of a company cannot fall below its commander’s LP value.

Captain Pavel Vrachov
(Capt Vrachov pic/reference card, KK5 reference card)
Captain Vrachov is a paragon of revolutionary virtue, a true soldier’s soldier. Despite his rank, Captain Vrachov always uses his medical skills to aid fallen comrades, even when aboard his Kossak, KK5. Indeed, he has gotten into trouble with his superiors due to his stopping KK5 to assist wounded soldiers.
Capt Vrachov has the First Aid ability, which he can use even when aboard KK5. The unit in question must be in contact with his combat strider (within 2.5 cm). When on foot, Capt Vrachov may lead a Krasnye Soldaty unit, potentially giving it up to three medics as well as his charismatic leadership. I like the idea of using him with a Krasnye Soldaty unit.

Colonels Odin 0-1 and Manon 0-2
[GenCon Paris Pic (cropped)]
Created as part of Frontline’s genetic experiments to rapidly repopulate the Red Blok collective on Ava after the Therian invasion, these thirteen year old twins showed high levels of genius in their studies, completing medical training as well as officer’s training from ARC. Their final grades in officer school were so high that ARC immediately promoted them to colonels.
They aren’t very effective foot soldiers, however. They form a unit unto themselves when on foot, meaning you’ll have to keep them behind or surrounded by Red Blok infantry, or, better, behind good cover; they cannot lead a unit. When on foot, you must designate one as the leader for purposes of shooting/measuring range. Their medical ability is limited to each other (you shout either “Manon!” or “Odin!”). Their ideal position on the tabletop, however, is aboard their customized Hetman combat strider, “Urod” (“Monster”). Thanks to their Repair ability and Urod’s Protection of 15, they will add considerable firepower and leadership to your army thanks to the Hetman’s weaponry and their Authority 7 and LP 9.

Infantry Note: use the Rackham-provided PDF for unit stats.

Krasnye Soldaty (type 1 infantry)
Fighting in units of 8 to 12, these fighters form the soul of Red Blok armies. Looking at their stats, however, you won’t be impressed. Their assault rifles (2, 1/1, – , 4/1) leave much to be desired. But, they make up for these deficiencies by giving players lots of dice to roll and good Morale. Throw in grenade launchers and you’ve got a unit capable of inflicting quite a bit of damage against enemy infantry units–provided you get close enough. Thankfully, Red Blok Kolossus and combat strider units are suited to the task of helping the Soldaty to the objective. Those not killed by the grenade launchers will be grounded.

If you want to concentrate on an anti-armor role, use the Marushka rocket launchers. These are not locked shot weapons, nor are they limited to use only against AFVs. Accuracy 1, yes, but you get to roll 2 dice per rocket launcher, inflicting 2 points of damage per successful penetration.
The Krasnye Soldaty special weapons can be rocket launchers or grenade launchers. Their specialists include medics and/or mechanics (0 to 2).

RPG Soldaty (type 1 infantry)

Also fighting in units of 8 to 12, the RPG Soldaty deal out more damage than their Krasnye comrades. Armed with the smgauss, with special weapons including the mgauss or rocket launcher, they appear ideally suited for battle against opponents with higher Protection stats. You’ll pay the same AP cost for a unit of RPG Soldaty as you would Krasnye. Something tells me that the Krasnye might not see the tabletops as often as these guys, although, as evil merlin points out, there’s something to be said about being able to ground a unit using grenade launchers. Background on the RPG Soldaty suggests their role on the battlefield is primarily as anti-armor. Indeed, these guys are used to destroy mutinous units, or to destroy Red Blok combat striders before they fall into enemy hands.
Specialists in RPG Soldaty units include medics and/or combat engineers (0 to 2).

Spetsnatz Kommandos (type 2 infantry)

Fighting in units of 6 to 9, the Spetsnatz Kommandos form a complementary unit to the Krasnye Soldaty. They hit harder and can hold out longer, or scrape an enemy unit off of an objective using their gauss rifles and flamers. Again, if you prefer some balance and want some anti-armor capability, use the rocket launchers, which aren’t limited to combat striders. Feel free to target TacArms, Bane Goliaths and Assault Goliaths.

Their specialists include combat engineers and/or medics (0 to 2).

Dragonov Kommandos (type 2 infantry)

Fighting in units of 6 to 9, the Dragonov Kommandos are excellent for disruption of enemy command and control thanks to their snipers and electronic warfare specialists. The sniper ability is the same as that of other AT-43 snipers in UNA and Therian armies. The electronic warfare specialist has the Disruption ability (see Sgt Tymofiyeva above for an explanation of this ability).
Dragonovs are, currently, the only Red Blok infantry with the Detection ability thanks to their infrared goggles. These work just like UNA triple lens helmets. The +1 increase to Accuracy is already accounted for on the reference card. Dragonovs are always equipped with infrared goggles; they’re not optional.
Their specialists include medics and/or electronic warfare specialists (0 to 2). A maximum unit of 9 can include 3 sniper guns or 3 atgauss guns.

Kolossus Units (type 3 battlesuit infantry)

Spetsnatz, RPG and Strielitz
Take a look at the Kolossus profiles. Impressive, hunh? Don’t worry about the 10 cm movement, though. All Kolossus units have Assisted Propulsion, which gives them the Blitz ability: their movement is increased by 10 cm for their first round on the battlefield, and they may act normally when they arrive in reinforcement via a drop point. Being battlesuits, the Kolossi fight in units of 3.
Which Kolossus unit you choose to field is up to you. Take a look at your objectives and which army you’ll face. Each of the three Kolossus units is differently armed: Spetsnatz have two flamers; RPG have two rocket launchers; and the Strielitz have 1 flamer and 1 grenade launcher each. Kolossus units do not have gyroscopic stabilizers like TacArms, so your unit(s) can be grounded by indirect fire weapons.
Armored Fighting Vehicles

Red Blok AFVs are divided into three basic frames. Recon striders are light and mainly used for anti-infantry combat. Assault strider frames are suitable for combat against other AFVs. Support striders are technological monsters designed to destroy anything in their way.

Recon Striders

Nakovalny (type 1 combat strider)

Fighting in units of 1 to 3, the Nakovalny is armed with two light mgauss weapons. Its purpose is primarily that of anti-infantry, supporting their Red Blok infantry comrades most admirably. It’s suited not for lightning attack, but anti-personnel fire and protection against heavy salvoes.

Sierp (type 1 combat strider)

Fighting in units of 1 to 3, the Sierp is armed with two light mortars, and has communication disruptors. The light mortars are indirect fire weapons, which don’t require line of sight! Fire away at enemy infantry: those not killed by the blast will be grounded. The communication disruptors give the Sierps the Disruption ability, removing up to 3 LPs from your enemy’s Leadership Pool during the tactical phase!

Molot (type 1 combat strider)

Fighting in units of 1 to 3, the Molot is armed with two light flamers, meaning you’re going to have to get close to fire. They also have loudspeakers, which give them the Countermeasure ability: the enemy’s Disruption and Interference abilities have no effect on a company containing Molots.

Zviezda (type 1 combat strider)

Fighting in units of 1 to 3, the Zviezda is armed with a light mgauss and a light mortar. It’s effective against infantry, but you’ll have some trouble against AFVs. It also has motion sensors, which give it the Detection ability just like triple lens helmets or infrared goggles. Its +1 to Accuracy is already accounted for on its reference card.

Assault Striders
Kossak (type 2 combat strider)

Fighting in a unit of 1, the Kossak is armed with two medium missile launchers. Thanks to its Protection of 15, it can advance confidently, destroying infantry and AFVs easily. You’re rolling six dice when both medium missile launchers are operational. With a Penetration of 12/2, not too many AFVs–or infantry–will survive unscathed.

Hetman (type 2 combat strider)

Fighting in a unit of 1, the Hetman is armed with a medium antitank cannon and a medium rocket launcher. The Hetman is designed as a hunter, moving from cover to cover to destroy enemy AFVs thanks to its two high powered weapons (Penetration 18/2 and 12/2, respectively). Your opponent will think very carefully before placing his AFV units in LOS of the Hetman’s weapons. Note: the medium rocket launcher is not a locked shot weapon.

Hussar (type 2 combat strider)

Fighting in a unit of 1, the Hussar is armed with a medium missile launcher (locked shot weapon) and a medium rocket launcher. Advance against enemy AFVs using the medium missile launcher (rolling two dice per shot), then switch to the medium rocket launcher for close-in work against armor and personnel alike.

Support Strider

Dotch Yaga (type 3 combat strider)

At 775 AP, the Dotch Yaga is a monster combat strider, armed with a heavy gauss cannon (4, 5/0, -, 15/2) and a heavy mortar (4, 1/0, 10, 6/1). With Protection 17, this combat strider is designed to survive, advancing against any type of fire to deliver total destruction of enemy forces.

Points costs

8 krasnye soldaty, 1 grenade launcher, 2 specialists[Mechanic,Medic]: 150 pts
12 krasnye soldaty, 3 grenade launchers, 2 specialists[Mechanic,Medic]: 250 pts
sergeant A. Tymofiyeva 55pts, Rocket Launchers 25pts, Extra Trooper 20pts
6 spetnaz commandos, 1 flamer, 2 specilists [Mechanic,Medic]: 175pts
9 spetnaz commandos, 3 flamers, 2 specilists [Mechanic,Medic]: 300pts
extra troops 25pts
9 dragonov kommandos, 3 sniper gun, 2 specialists[EW, Medic]: 275pts
AT Gauss Guns 25pts, extra troops 30 pts
3 spetsnatz kolossus: 375 pts
rocket Launchers 50pts
— Sergeant + 10pts
— Msgt + 15pts
— Lieutenant + 30pts
— Captain + 60pts
— Colonel + 75pts
1 Kossak: 445
3 Naklovany: 600
1 Zviezda Sergeant: 215
KK5 [Captain Pavel Vrachov]: 545
Urod [Manon & Odin]: 570pts
Manon and Odin on Foot as a unit of 2: 220pts

woo thats a long post if you want a AT43 Game you can find me at bedford gladiators most mondays

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