Tropes in SF genre shows

I found a fun wiki that has a ton of information about common tropes used in TV and other media.

To give flavor hers what they say about the five man band a common set up for shows main characters.

Five Man Band

The Five Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into standard heroic archetypes which all complement one another.

The group traditionally includes:

  • The Hero – (lead singer) – the leader of the group; can be clean-cut and upstanding, bold and charismatic, serious and driven, or some combination of the three.
  • The Lancer – (lead guitarist) – the second-in-command, usually a contrast to The Hero. If the Hero is clean-cut, the Lancer is a grizzled Anti Hero; if the Hero is the driven and straight-laced type, the Lancer is more relaxed and level-headed. In a comedy situation the lancer is often The Straight Man or a Deadpan Snarker
  • The Big Guy – (bassist or drummer) – the strongman of the team, often dumb. Or mute.
  • The Smart Guy – (keyboardist) – the weak, but intelligent or clever member, often annoying or for comic relief, a Trickster Archetype, a buddy of the Big Guy.
  • The Chick – (tambourine, vocal effects) – the token female who has been incorporated into the core group. If there’s a royal in the band, it’s usually her: see Princess Allura (Voltron), and Princess Leia Organa (Star Wars). The Chick will sometimes have special powers, presumably, to “even the field” a little. In single-sex groups, The Chick will be the most ditzy, childish, and/or naive member of the group.

Interesting they Quote Ianto from Torchwood as an example of the “Chick” 🙂 Hours of browsing fun even though it does have a lot of Anime examples – and some of the written SF stuff is a little light ( no mention of SRD or Gravity’s Rainbow for example) if I ever get time I will expand the CP section.

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