Most stupid business idea evah

I saw a post on slashdot about that a swiss company that is setting up a site to auction cracks and security exploits.

Quite how cracked brained the iduviduals are behind the scheme are i dont know offering a marketplace for hacks is an insane idea. AS i said on slash dot.

Offer money for doing bad things and people will do bad things

  1. its an open invitation for extortion both by insiders and outsiders
  2. it will increase the number of hacks and not lead to an improvement in security as the idiots behind this think – don’t they know any thing about human nature for fraks sake.
  3. various organizations with three-letter acronyms are going get a little intense about this.
  4. I can see a big company buying a crack and inviting there mates from the FBI,DSG along for the ride when they hand over the dosh.

I was reminded of the Monty Python sketch where some gormless mobsters tried to shake down the British Army down.

I think WabiSabiLabi needs to get back on the special needs bus – to borrow a line from Johathon Ross.

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