Offline Posting Tool

I noticed on the news section that Microsoft have a new tool windows live writer  that allows ofline preparation of posts – This looks really nice as a lot of our clients have problems cutting and pasting from office or another word processing program to the wordpress editor to create blog posts. Unfortunately word and other programs styles can clash with a wordpress theme and you get some weird effects that destroy the look and feel of the Blog (word 97 is particularly bad in this respect).

The windows live writer tool looks like it could be a useful tool to avoid some of the problems cutting and pasting has with wordpress.

You can also add images in a more intuitive way  than the basic wordpress


The drop shadow effect is nice too

You can also add tables

A table which
is very useful for lay out purposes
7C663ED33FD59C4D629E5EEACA491B  and flowing text next to pictures like this. with having to use view source

You can also add maps this is a map of where I live

very Nice and you can ad tags for services like technorati

Technorati Tags: ,

One thought on “Offline Posting Tool

  1. What’s Up?,

    I’m just starting here. And it seems like a great place.

    I just wanted to give a nice “how’s it going” to all of you here.



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