Old style IBM Keyboards

As I  posted about PDP/11 programming a couple of days ago I  thought I would mention a company that sells the original style of IBM keyboards. As sone one asked on linked in if you could still get them – yes you can form a company called Unicomp who have the rights to the bucking spring technology used by IBM

ibm keyboard

I have an origional XT one but I realy would like a ps2 or usb one for my new pc in black if possible.

One thought on “Old style IBM Keyboards

  1. I use a keyboard like this)) A friend of mine has given it to me. It is PS/2 and rather big, so that there is little place for a plate or a pack of crisps left. That keeps my table clean)). What about functioning, I have a software that helps to bind “power off”, “sleep”, “hibernate” and other stuff like volume control and CD eject. So, I do not want to replace it yet. At least, before I get hungry again..)

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