Search Engine Changes

Googles Universal search

Google has made some major changes to the way they display to the  way search results now when you search you may find not just links to websites but images videos news items posts from blogs or even products from Google products.

This started to be rolled out in the us around may 16th and will be progressively applied across all goggle countries e.g., etc.

The full implications of these changes are still being felt and we are still investigating what these changes mean and if there are new ways in which  websites can be promoted video and audio are prime candidates here.

New Ask search engine

At the week end Ask (a niche search engine) unveiled (in the US only) a brand new way of displaying search results it has similarities to the Universal search that Google have just announced combining results from different areas of search (news blogs products etc)

You can check this out at asks us site

The data appears to be a bit old and searching for my name i am   is another Maurice Walshe who’s a driving instructor on the isle of man – where as on Google ime all over the first page for my name.

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