New Pc Build #5 Replacement HSF’s

Finaly come to a sort of descison on the replacement Heat Sink and fan you can read my rant on the rubbish stock intel HSF here

zalman 9700 HSF

I have narowed it down to a couple of Zalman HSF’s probaly the 9500 or its bigger brother the 9700 I wont go for the Nvida branded version of the HSF as the rest of the case leds are blue and it wouldnt match.

It will require a complete dismantaling of the PC but no pain no Gain.


Went for the 9500 as it was in stock at pc world – the 9700 would have been to over the top the 9500 is masive as it is.

3 thoughts on “New Pc Build #5 Replacement HSF’s

  1. Dont use Zalman use ASUS SilentKnight AL or II but II will give better performance but is heavey as lead coz is made of pure copper.AL IS MADE OF ALUMINIUM BUT COPPER BASED AND AL. FINNED.

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