Daily Telegraph wants to have its cake and eat it.

Interesting that a supporter of sarkozy’s thesis ( that the French model of capitalism needs radical thatcherite reform) – is taking a leaf out of the francophone countries book and appears to be thinking of going whining to the courts over Googles use of snippets of news.

As I would imagine all news papers get a fair bit of their traffic from organic search they want to have their cake and eat it.

What do you want search engines to do they don’t have to index any site and if you don’t want organic search traffic don’t let the search engines spider your site – the standard method (robots.txt) for doing that predates the existence  of Google.

Its highly ironic that a paper that runs a fairly thatcherite  line  is now resorting to poujadist tactics – that in other circumstances the paper would have been highly critical of ? – and have tried to blame on Gordon Brown to boot. 

Google should just drop the DT’s site from the index for a week – and I am  sure they would really love the drop in traffic looks like this much vaunted move to the high tech news room hasn’t worked.

The original report is via roy greenslade I also posted it on thread watch a SEO forum.

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