New PC Build Part 2

Just ordered the rest of the parts Went for a E6600, 2GB of sli ram  and just the two 250G disks for now I have just also realised that I forgot to order a video card (bum)will have to do that at work tomorrow.

One interesting thing was it took as long to select the power supply (a 850W one) as well as most of the rest of the bits.

UpDate:  Passed on the 8000 series monster Graphics cards  and went for a 7950 gt as its good value and as a single slot it can fit between a pair of fat 8000 series cards in SLI if I go down that route later (teh 680i suports SLI plus a 3rd graphics card) . It also has HDCP should I need to play HD content at a later date.

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