New PC Build Part 1

My old shuttle sn41g2 having finally become too temperamental and finaly died – I suspect from a heat death its time to build a new toy^h^h^h computer.

And I thought I would  document the process on the blog and of course if any kind Supplier of equipment would like to donate in return for some plugs 🙂

I decided to stay with a NVIDIA based solution as they are the current  graphics leader. But switch to Intel  for the CPU as they have the price performance lead from AMD at the moment.

Shutle do have a core duo SFF barebones case but I thought id go with a more traditional pc this time. The over heating in the small case is what I suspect did for the last pc.

The newish 680i based motherboards are designed to take the intel dual core processors so I went for one of the reference boards as the prices have now dropped. I went for the EVGA 122-CK-NF68 with the top end 680i chipset.

EVGA 122-CK-NF68

I also went for a case that can take a full set of DASD  the 680i has 6 sata drives and 2 ide available.

 Antec Nine Hundred

I like the butch look of the Antec Nine Hundred and it does look quite restained and high end.

At the moment that’s all I have ordered I am looking at the rest of the spec.  cpu/memory combinations and also the best PSU – the shuttle may have suffered with power supply probs and I don’t want to scrimp on power.

I’ am  undecided as the graphics will go  and ill probably go for the entry level directx10 card.

Sound  wise I am  undecided I may keep my DELTA 44 for now until I get of my backside and actually start to learn the piano.

I am still undecided on the disk setup and on XP Pro Vs Vista.

2 thoughts on “New PC Build Part 1

  1. Well Given

    That ime using a £150 mb and and the power suply is going to be atleast 70 or 80 Quid – let alone what the Graphics cards and the 6/7 drives are going to cost.

    I think 55 quid on a case isn’t to much

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