Google Update

1 Data push on 15th of Jan

Google did an update on or around the 15 th  that took a couple of days to start working properly – some sites reported a drop in traffic which returned to normal after the week end of 20/21st

2 Algorithm Change (anti Google bombing) 

Last week Google announced they had made changes to the algorithm to stop the phenomenon know as Google bombing – where a large number of people link to a politician, company or NGO site in an attempt to rank a site for disparaging or unwanted terms.

“miserable failure”  and George W Bush was one example.

I  haven’t noticed any major changes to site rankings though there has been reports of this algorithm change effecting some sites all of which seem to be low quality sites  or all the crappy link buying schemes where the link has nothing to do with anything else on the page – so in the long run this algorithm change may help.

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