Hp Pretexters offered a plea bargain

Folowing on from yesterdays post about PI’s and clients going down for some “Naughty Shit”* The Merc and others  incuding the register have noted.

“Former Hewlett-Packard Chairwoman Patricia Dunn and four other defendants, facing state charges of felony conspiracy and identity theft in the HP spy scandal, have been offered a bargain to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge, sources familiar with the case say.”

However, federal authorities are proceeding with their own investigation, which could limit the defendants’ incentive to accept a negotiated plea with state prosecutors. A provision in the California penal code discourages “double jeopardy” prosecutions of defendants already acquitted or convicted in federal court.

The ethtics officer whose flatly refusing that he’s done anything wrong is playing hard ball – or is one of those self deluded clients that lawyers dread.

I’me soory using social engineering to hack is agains’t the law ask Kevin Mitnick

*Thats a grosse point blank reference btw

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