Private Investigators and Clients jailed for pretexting

I wrote back in November about  ac court case mentioned on the front page of the guardian about a PI firm that was being prosecuted for hacking or pre-texting as they tried to spin it – HP’s chair and some senior staff also have been accused of similar crimes.

The Register is reporting that an un named Private eye acgency has had several staff jailed – plus some of their clients.

“A total of 38 months jail time was handed down on Wednesday to employees and clients of a London private detective agency which illegally hacked into telephone lines.

Eight people connected with the agency, which cannot be named for legal reasons, variously admitted charges of conspiring to intercept communications unlawfully, making unauthorised modifications to a computer, false accounting, and criminal damage to BT property”

I suspect   that this isn’t the same case as this seems a much heavier hack actually breaking into the cabs and installing equipment onto the phone network.

Sentences seem way to light 38 month’s in total – a lot of teenage hackers get multi year sentences for much less serious crimes – I may even write my MP.

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