Apple IPhone – Oops forgot we didn’t own the name.

Interesting that after the launch of the new apple iPhone that CISCO have now jumped down Apples throat both feet firstThe I phone while looking ok does seem to have a few ergonomic issues it looks like it wouldn’t fit as easily into a hand as say a Motorola flip phone and the lack of tactile feed back is really going to hurt sms/texting.

Robert Scobel has some doubts as well after the initial hype yesterday – he comments that eaven some pro apple people pointed out that touch screens are going to hurt SMS (ok sms isnt as big in the states as in the uk)

Quite what Apple where thinking in launching a product using another company’s Trademark and one they have had since 2000 or so very ironic seeing as how hard Apple go after people for names similar – suck it up steve 😉

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