Torchwood Cyberwoman

Well Torchwood is getting intense – not quite level of Bab5 where after some episodes I used to walk into to my semi regular Sunday night pool/beer session with some friends with my head spinning  feeling really pumped by that weeks episode.

Very dark episode though I think the ending was slightly weak – I though that Ianto was going to top him self or become a villain rather than calmly going back to his subservient role for the people who’ve just blown away the love of his life!

But a definite step forward for the Beeb –  Probley one of the most intense SF they have done since the live 1984 back in the 50’s

I think they just need to calm down a bit and take a longer view the emotional effect of last episode would have been better later into the run.

VCute high heels on the Cybergirls outfit – and Gwenn gets snoged by yet another member of the team – presumably Toshiko gets a go next week.

2 thoughts on “Torchwood Cyberwoman

  1. Yeh

    I kind agree with some of your cooments I realy must do a longer bit on TW/Dr Who.

    When some ones only SF works are knock off tv adaptions doesnt help. RTD needs to get some one with real SF chops to help – I me sure JMS would have jumped at the opertunity to be Lead Producer.

  2. I’ve been really dissapointed by the whole Torchwood thing so far.

    I’ve just recently moved by blog to wordpress, and there are posts about the series there if you fancy a visit.


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