Torch Wood

Watched the new DR Who spinoff torchwood last Week.  Looks interesting though I do Wish that Russel Davises would pull back  and not try and stuff to much into a show. -A major fault with DR Who.

 SF has come a long way form the Monster of the week format (STOS was trying to get away from that in the early 60’s for flips sake).

Intersting that all the charatcters apear to be BI – makes the kerfuffle over Ivanova On B5 seem a bit tame – as Cluadia is now living in london i wonser if they will get her to do a Cameo role?

 I also though that one of the characters might be a reference to Samuel Delany – cant work out if he’s ment to be Mixed race or not – certainly a very SRD type Character.

A goodish start – will have to see how it goes.

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